3D Pen

The GD iLab has a 3D pen!  

There are different materials that can feed the pen, so in order to improve the quality of your creation, please be aware of the following points:

  • Do not touch the nozzle or any part of the pen that radiates heat.
  • Use the feed button or retract button to change the filament. Keep the nozzle in a balanced position.
  • While working in low speed you may encounter a BEEP kind of sound, which means the pen is overheated.  Adjust to a lower temperature like 8-15°C.
  • In normal use, if you see a lot of bubble, it means that the temperature is high. Reduce the temp about 3-8°C. Normally, there are no bubbles and the plastic looks a bit reflective.
  • If the product is less bright or colorless and the pen struggles to extrude filament, raise the temperature by 3-5°C.
  • If the filament seems too liquid-like, the temperature is too hot. Decrease temp by 10-18°C.
  • If the pen is idle for 2 minutes, it will go into standby mode. To begin using the pen again, press the forward button.