3D CHALLENGE- A New Phone Cover!

Take the challenge and create your own phone cover!!


What’s the deal:

Create your own stylin’ 3D printed phone case


   elow you will find some resources to help you design your new phone case and also to give you ideas.

  • Cool pattern with instructions.




  • Great instructions to make a personalized phone case!




Once you have printed your phone case please take a picture of it and send it glibrary@regisjesuit.com.  ENJOY!


The  challenge is to

build the



Using  only STRAWS &

                    PIPE CLEANERS!


What’s the deal:

Using a combination of straws and pipe cleaners only, build the

TALLEST FREESTANDING structure possible.

Here are the rules:

Ø   You have to use a total of 15 pieces of material. Any combination of straws and pipe cleaners.

Ø   The structure must be able to stand alone.  It cannot be leaning on the table or the wall etc.

Ø   It must be able to stand alone for 60 seconds without collapsing.

Ø   The structure must be measured with a yardstick.

Ø   The measurement of the structure and its ability to standalone must be verified by a library staff member.

Ø   The team with the tallest freestanding structure verified by library staff by October 5 will win a candy prize!



100 Penny Bridge

Can you build a bridge out of Straws that can hold the weight of 100 pennies?

This week’s challenge has you building a bridge that can hold the weight of 100 pennies!!

Your bridge must be suspended by using the 4 books provided.  You may only use the materials provided in the STRAWBEES kit, as well as any of the cardboard pieces, 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, a cup, and the pennies.  All of the materials do not have to be used but no others may be.

Your bridge must be suspended from the 4 books and be able to hold the weight of the pennies for at least 10 seconds.


Send in your pictures!!


This week’s challenge will certainly get you thinking out of the box.  Plus it will probably make you hungry!


Using the materials provided how many marshmallows can you suspend in the air in a given amount of time?

Challenge Rules
*You must use only the materials provided in  your design.
*The solution must be constructed on top of the table or other flat surface.
*Your goal is to suspend as many marshmallows in the air as possible in the given amount of time.
*The marshmallows must be suspended using the materials not the hands of any team member.
*There are many different ways to complete the challenge be creative!!

Send in your pictures of your suspended marshmallows before you eat them all!