3D CHALLENGE- A New Phone Cover!

Take the challenge and create your own phone cover!!


What’s the deal:

Create your own stylin’ 3D printed phone case


   elow you will find some resources to help you design your new phone case and also to give you ideas.

  • Cool pattern with instructions.




  • Great instructions to make a personalized phone case!




Once you have printed your phone case please take a picture of it and send it glibrary@regisjesuit.com.  ENJOY!

100 Penny Bridge

Can you build a bridge out of Straws that can hold the weight of 100 pennies?

This week’s challenge has you building a bridge that can hold the weight of 100 pennies!!

Your bridge must be suspended by using the 4 books provided.  You may only use the materials provided in the STRAWBEES kit, as well as any of the cardboard pieces, 1 sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper, a cup, and the pennies.  All of the materials do not have to be used but no others may be.

Your bridge must be suspended from the 4 books and be able to hold the weight of the pennies for at least 10 seconds.


Send in your pictures!!