Trifecta 3D Printer

VariQuest Trifecta Guidelines

Before You Print…

  • Make sure print bed is clear and that blue tape is whole (no tears).
  • Wipe the blue tape with an alcohol swab to clean print bed (swabs are in right-hand drawer).
  • Double check your design in Trifecta Software (on computer) to ensure that it has the proper supports, infill, temperature, brim, etc.
  • Slice your STL / OBJ file into a gcode file in the Trifecta Software and save to SD card (reader and cards can be found in the clear bin stored in cabinet).  Insert SD card into printer and select the correct gcode file to print.
  • Monitor your print for a few minutes before leaving it to finish.  Make sure print is sticking to bed.

After Your Print is Complete…

  • Carefully scrape print from painter’s tape with one of the tools provided in clear bin.
  • If blue painter’s tape tears, replace the affected strips (check drawers for more tape).